Dr Vivek Baliga – The role of inflammation in pathogenesis of hypertension

Article by Dr Vivek Baliga This is a nine-year repeated measures data analysis prospective cohort study that was presented at the American Heart Association scientific sessions 2016. The underlying hypothesis for the study was that inflammation affects the development of hypertension through changes in the blood vessel or in renal pathophysiology. The study was a […]

CCB in Hypertension – Presentation by Dr Vivek Baliga

Calcium channel blockers are commonly used drugs in the treatment of hypertension. They are effective in treating early hypertension though there are some concerns about edema. Here, Dr Vivek Baliga discusses the role of newer calcium channel blockers in the treatment of hypertension. Calcium Channel Blockers in Hypertension from Dr Vivek Baliga Recommended reading Use […]